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Original post date: 19 June, 2007

This is the third time I’ve tried to write this blog, hopefully I get it done 😛

Anywho, training last Wednesday was great – I pushed myself really hard and felt I finally smashed through whatever imaginary barrier was holding me back. My form was better, my kata was more accurate, and kicks weren’t shithouse 😛 Can’t wait for this week, should be ace.

I’m planning on trying to get back into a routine at the moment, and have decided to follow Renato’s use of body-weight training and have started implementing three sets of knuckle push-ups into my training between classes, along with at least 100 crunches. While things will be a bit frantic as Wifey and I are preparing to sell our place and buy another, bigger one, I’m hoping to continue to squeeze in more regular training between classes. Hopefully 😉

Oh, and in non-karate news, I finally finished up my Media/Lounge Room PC on the weekend. I originally started playing with the idea back in 2004, and I finally got it done. I’m such a slacker 😛 I’ve kept a journal of my progress and I’ll be setting it up on a separate webpage down the road. I’ll post a link up somewhere when its done.

Again, I’ll try to squeeze in another blog before the end of the week, but no promises – things are still pretty busy!!! Wifey and I watched the utterly terrible Double Dragon movie over the weekend for a laugh, and I feel compelled to write a blog about it somewhere down the line 🙂



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