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Original post date:  11 January, 2007

Karate training again tonight – its 36 degrees outside (that’s celsius for those interested, not fahrenheit), so it should make for an awesome session. I love training in the heat – your gi gets soaked all the way through with sweat and it pushes you really hard. It’s awesome, I love summer training!

Last week it was nearly 40 degrees, and not enough people rocked up to make a class, so my brother in law Hamez and I went back to my in-law’s place to train anyhows. Wasn’t as intense as a formal session, but we got to go through things slowly and he’s coming along well for his first kata (the obligatory tokkyouko shodan kata, atypically shotokan in its style) and learning some of the more complex moves quite well. Mind you, he’s only been training once a week for two months (and I first started nearly three years back, with a 12 month break :P), but it’s looking good. One of our sensei’s commented that he’ll be good to go for 9th kyu in a week or two, which is good for him. Personally, I have to step up my training regime to really up my form.

I’m still a decent way away from grading to 5th kyu, so we’ll see how I go. I’d like to train twice a week, but the only classes happening near me are on Wednesday nights. Hopefully we’ll see a second class start up again some time soon – I for one would appreciate it, and it means Hamez can continue his karate training even when the soccer season starts up again.

Well, I’ll let things go here – I’ll write again in the next few days to write down how tonight’s training goes!


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