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Original post date: 14 June, 2007

Sorry about the delays… things have been mega busy the last week, between work and other stuff. Wifey and I are looking at selling our current place for a bigger house, so we’ve officially started (a) looking at what’s available in our area in our price range, and (b) started on fixing up bits of the house that need some work, which I’ve been putting off due to laxiness 😉 So if my blogs are a little infrequent over the next month, I at least have a legitimate reason 😛

Anywho, training last week went well – some drills and plenty of kata. In fact, I hope we do lotsa kata tonight, as my seifa is so sloppy at the moment. Prior to the two months off, I was performing very tight, very focused kata and I was really happy with my progress. Now I feel like a bit of a dingbat whenever I do it… I keep forgetting the finer points to really hone my technique, so I’ve decided to try and put more effort into it. My kicks are still feeling a little sloppy, and I think it’s because I haven’t been stretching as regularly as I used to prior to a couple of weeks back. I’m not sure 100%, so I’m thinking of trying to get back into a more regular routine. Same for cycling – my knee and ankle are feeling really good these days, so I’d like to get back into some cycling again on the exercise bike. I’m also hoping to do some weight training tomorrow night. So yeah, the hopeful bit is that I can get back into some sort of rhythm again. I feel like I’m getting nowhere in trimming my belly and my love handles as was my aim, so maybe all the above will help alleviate that. I’m so vain 😛

Apart from that, things are going well – had an awesome long weekend spent lazing around, going out and about with Wifey, I caught up with McAdam for some booze and video games, and finally finished up my media PC… well, almost – have to configure a couple of USB devices, but that’s easy to do and shouldn’t take too long. Might have it finished by the end of the month even… that’d be awesome. It only took me three years 😛

I’ll try and get a post-training + post-weights blog up before the end of the week. Until then, thanks for reading!!!!!


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