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Original post date: 13 January, 2007

Hmmm, looks like I’m getting the hang of this MySpace thing – kudos to Pru and co. at We Grow Up and to Madman’s Anime Snacktime 🙂

Well, in an update to training stuff, true to form Hamez and I ended up doing some light sparring last night, and I had a chat to my father-in-law about my knee. I was doing my stretches Friday last week (I normally go through all my leg stretches twice a week outside of karate to encourage my body to increase my flexibility), and I pushed my leg a little too far – my knee made a little ‘pop’ noise (not uncommon – only having one knee means it gets worked on pretty hard) and it’s been a little sore since then. Last time I mangled my knee was back in 2004 when I fell down the last few stairs at the place wifey and I were renting at that time – broke my little toe, and compensating for that mangled my knee (not to worry though – I saw a physio who fixed my knee up).

So, obviously I wanted to fix up my current issue as quickly as possible, so I actually asked for help 😛 Having experience as a sports/fitness trainer, he said it looked like I’d done a little damage to the knee, but nothing too serious. He’s recommend to keep the pressure off the knee as much as possible, so I’m sporting a knee brace for the next few days, and I’ll take some anti-inflammatories once a day and ice the knee up twice a day for 20 minutes at a time.

Since I’ve only got one knee, I figure I’ve got to take care of it, so I’ll be following the advice to the letter and I’ll see how its going next week. If I continue to not be slack, I’ll post how I go then.


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