Sore muscles!

The weekend’s seminar is catching up with me I think! It’s quite interesting, as I didn’t think I went full-on enough to be fighting sore muscles, bumps, bruises and stuff. I’ve got some choice bruises on my lower/upper arms, raw elbows, sore chest muscles and, something which is a first for me, the muscles around my neck and throat are a bit sore from all the chokes and holds I’ve been put in. Not having done much in the way of grabs/chokes before this is all rather new to me. It’s certainly not bothering me though.

Oh, the other interesting/bemusing thing is that all the choking work’s given me some crazy shaver-burn on my neck – the skin was all sensitive after shaving Sunday morning before training, and all the groundwork saw it looking a bit red and raw afterward!

My wrists have also been a bit cranky because of all the joint manipulation as well – might have to look into ways to increase their flexibility when they’re turned in on themselves if it’s possible, as I’d like to be able to take a bit more stress on the joint before having to tap out.

So yeah, just some random musings on my current state 🙂 Certainly not a grumble though – the aching muscles are a sign that I still managed to get a physical workout over the seminars, which is what I wanted to achieve! 😀


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