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Original post date: 26 January 2007

Ack, I’ve been a little slack with this blog the last week and a bit 😛 My bad. I didn’t end up making it to training last week – the skin on the back of my stump was sore, and I didn’t want to cause any further damage to it, so I held off training. It was a bit of a bugger, because apparently a number of the regulars are back, so it looks like things are back to normal-ish, which is good.

Anywho, had training again last night, but I was flying solo – Hamez is back at soccer training and Jyastin-kun can’t make Wednesday nights anymore. Bugger. So, I’m looking at what classes are on Monday or Tuesday nights, and I’m pretty sure there’s one not too far from us – I’ll be getting some up-to-date details from one of our Sensei’s next Wednesday, and I’ll go from there. This’ll be good, because it means I can up my training to twice a week or three times a fortnight, which will be ace. Plus it means Jyastin-kin and Hamez can continue with the training, and sparring with Jyastin-kun is always awesome, because he always pushes me and I learn each time I train.

Last night’s class went reasonably well – it didn’t push me mega hard, but that’s okay – my knee’s still a bit sore, so I’ll have to see a physio if it doesn’t get any better. I got called out the front to help with the punching/arm techniques, so that was good. I always forget some of the names and the order, but Sensei R helped jog my memory, which was good. We did the usual routine, some kata (I’m feeling my Saifa get stronger each week), a couple of joint-locking techniques (Sensei R showed me a great wrist-lock-break technique similar to the ones Wifey’s uncle has shown me), a little practice on tumble-rolls onto cushy mats, and some light sparring. All in all, it was pretty good, and I’m looking forward to next week and the prospect of some extra training with the other two.

And in not-related-to-karate news, I’d llike to thank the small collective who are reading this thing 🙂 It’s kinda like back in the mid-90s when everyone threw a people counter on their arse personal website and you got excited because a few people visited your homepage, even though it was probably just your mates, and they still thought it was a crap page, but they went there ’cause they don’t suck… or because it was more interesting hitting the ‘refresh’ button while on the computers at school rather than do anything productive 😛 Still, it’s all in good fun, and if you feel like it, post a comment or something, ’cause I think it’d be cool 🙂


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