February – the ‘F’ is for ‘fat’ :P

Hmmm, February hasn’t exactly been the most ideal month for training purposes and generally keeping slim 😛 It’s been a real double-whammy – it was super hot over the last month, which threw out doing much in the way of training at home, as my shed (which is where all my training gear is kept) was normally 5 – 10 degrees hotter than the outside temperature, which for a few good runs there would have put it around 50 degrees. I’m a bit stupid with some things, but even I have my limits, and I don’t trust myself doing a weights session in that kind of heat 😛

In addition, because of the heat you’re more likely to have yummy stuff like ice blocks, slushies and ice cream to keep cool 🙂 Well, at least I do. The combo of a bit of indulgence over the last month (in addition to a fair whack of entertaining and going out for dinner, as one does during summer) and a lack of regular training has meant that my muscle mass has decreased a bit and my belly is looking a little more prominent than I’d like 😛

So, March is going to be a fresh start – the weather’s getting a bit more consistent with the temperature (it’ll probably hover in the 30s for the next couple of weeks, but that’s definitely fine for training; its the 42+ degrees that I don’t like), and I get the feeling our hectic schedule might slow down for a bit, giving me time to be able to fit in more training. Will post on how I progress!


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