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Original post date: 11 January, 2007

Okay, class was meant to happen yesterday, but it didn’t – not enough people showed up again. This is no doubt due to the fact it almost cracked 40 degrees yesterday (and the hall is mega hot in this weather), so only Hamez, myself and another student rocked up. Sensei K went to the trouble of running us throw a few katas though (Taikyouku Shodan [I didn’t romanise it correctly in yesterday’s blog :P], Saifa and Bassai) before losing up the class – he was pleased that we still came to class and persisted, and felt that by at least doing a little kata, coming along to class wouldn’t be a wasted exercise.

While last week Hamez and I trained after class, we didn’t follow through this time. I went home with the intention to do a work out in place of training, but stuff came up and I didn’t get around to it. Wifey and I are heading over to her parents’ place for dinner tonight, so Hamez and I will probably end up messing around going through some karate over the course of the evening 🙂

Well, here’s hoping the weather’s a bit kinder next week and enough people rock up so we can have a class. Jyustin-kun, who started at our karate school prior to the rest of us and is a great help to me during training, will probably be able to make it to next week’s class. Should be uber, hopefully we’ll get at least one more person coming along so we can make the numbers for a class! The peak of summer and winter is when the numbers always drop off (owing to the respective hot/cold weather), but as soon as it pans out either way, things get back to normal. Looking forward to it!


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