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Original post date: 20 February, 2007

Well, not much has happened over the past few days – I’ll admit that I haven’t done any extra training since last Tuesday 😛 Very slack of me. I did some push-ups and crunches last night in the hopes of loosening up my muscles, but apart from that I haven’t done a whole lot. I have weight training again tonight, and I’m looking forward to that. Hopefully it’ll give my arms a great workout, and I’ll be all good to go for karate on Wednesday. And hopefully Sensei R has remembered to find out about Monday night training too!

After Wifey read the last blog, she reminded me of the latest stupid thing that I did that I forgot to mentioned, so I thought I’d share it with you all as an addendum to the previous blog I posted. I while back I mentioned how I watched some karate competition stuff on the telly. Well, the next day I was all inspired, and having bought a stack of ice from the servo for the esky (it was Australia Day), I thought I would try my ice-breaking technique on the bag of ice.

Now, no surprises what happened here – I scraped a huge chunk of skin from the knuckles on my right hand, and now nearly a month later, it’s almost healed up 😛 Mind you, in looking at this, I augmented my stupidity by punch the block of ice when it was sitting on concrete. Not too smart, am I?

So yes, that’s the latest ‘Omigosh I’ve done something stupid’ episode in the life of me. From this I learnt a few things –

  • Number one: don’t imitate the telly. I’m not a kid anymore, even though I may act like it sometimes 😛
  • Number two: if you’re going to strike a dense object, don’t use your knuckles if they haven’t been conditioned. Because you’ll mangle them. This is silly.
  • Number three: if you really feel the irrepressible need to strike a bag of ice from the servo, don’t strike it when its sitting on a concrete path. Because that’s also very silly.

So yes, there we go. I’ll probably add another blog before the end of the week, probably Thursday. Before I close off, I want to take a moment to say hi to the people adding me to their MySpace profiles and stuff, and to Renny in particular, who has been passing along some great info on other martial arts he’s trained in from the perspective of a current karateka. Good for expanding my view on things, and it helps me learn about how other styles out there work.


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