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Original post date: 1 September, 2007

Interesting thing happened this week – went to karate on Wednesday night, and nobody was there!! I knew numbers were low, I guess over the last 8 weeks of absence the class must have closed up if there weren’t enough people attending. Bummer 🙁

But, rather than getting bogged down, I’ve started looking elsewhere. I’m looking to jump into another school, either shotokan or goju ryu, but I reckon goju ryu might be my preference if I can find one in my area. I’m trying to stay away from mixed or freestyle karate – I recognise that these might be broader in application and I intend no disrespect to those who practice these styles, but for me, I still want to train within a traditional framework. I’m going to check out a class near where I live next week, and the advantage is that they train multiple nights a week, have affiliation with some of the broader national groups, and also offer traditional karate/Okinawan weapon training as well, which is ace as I’ve always been keen on doing some weapon training – bo, sai, nunchuku, kama, it’s all good. I’ll post my thoughts next week, but I’ve already talked to Jyastin-kun and he’s pretty stoked to see what it’s like. We’ll be starting again at 10th kyu, but that’s okay – the syllabus will be different anyways, and I’ll hopefully be able to breeze through the first few kyu before I hit where I used to be.

Oh, and as an aside, I’ve thrown up a heap of new training pics – feel free to have a look and leave some comments if you want, it’s all good 🙂 There’s some cool mid-air shots Wifey captured that I thought looked pretty awesome, I’m really happy with how they turned out. Oh, and note the awesome Activision t-shirt I was wearing on the day that Tank and Meru got me for my birthday – retro awesome 🙂


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