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Original post date: 11 April, 2007

Well, it’s been a dry spell the last week. Not through lack of random thoughts, though in part due to a continual break from karate. I was hoping to head back Wednesday last week, but the end of my stump was taking its sweet time healing up – with the move to a new liner within the socket on my fake leg, it was getting used to the extra pressure being put on it in comparison to the previous, shonky liner, and the skin on the end of the stump bruised and tore a bit. It’s finally back to relative normality now, and I was all set to head back tonight… until a lot of faffing about organising seminars at work in which my dashing between buildings up and down hills where I work let the silicone liner slip too far and the socket started its usual attack on the skin on my stump. This is, in every conceivable, a bad thing. I’ve re-aligned the liner and the pressure’s no longer on the trouble spot, but the stump is still sensitive and the last time(s) I didn’t take notice of it, I couldn’t walk the next day 😛 Which is bad.

So, this makes it:

  • 2 weeks missed due to work, and
  • 3 weeks missed due to the leg

It seems like I’m doing at the moment is whinging about my leg 😛 The other weekend I caught up with Wifey’s uncle at a family gathering on her side – this is the uncle who I’ve talked to at great length about martial arts, and I’ve borrowed some of his books and other gear he’s collected over the years – and he’s in a similar position to me, where the condition of his body leaves him unable to train. It was cool talking to him about it, and it made me feel a little less stupid for getting frustrated when my body can’t keep up with what I want to do.

So, in lieu of training this week, I’ve actually got a few things to blog about – I have a response to Renato’s blog on martial arts clips on YouTube (I have a few of my own to add!), I’m keen to post some stuff I’ve found out regarding really good leg stretching for higher kicks, talk about how I’ve decided I want to teach myself how to do butterfly kicks and tornado kicks, and maybe start a series of random blogs on martial arts flicks, starting out with some classic dodginess and possibly exploring some of my fave martial arts movies from Hong Kong and Japan. This last point was largely inspired by subjecting Wifey to the uberness that is Mortal Kombat the Movie, and the fact that it should have starred Dustin Nguyen from 21 Jump Street because that would be awesome.

I’ll try and squeeze in a blog a day until the end of the week – should be fun!


Archive: What a week!

Source: Gisoku no Jutsu
Original post date: 30 March, 2007

Well, it’s been an interesting week! I’ll keep this one short and snappy tho!!

Okay, first up – no karate on Wednesday night, as the silicone liner has been a real pain lately and I tore some skin off the back of my stump on Wednesday during the day… again. This being said, I managed to get an appointment to see the guys who take care of my leg for Thursday, and we have moved to a different shaped silicone liner, and its working an absolute treat! I didn’t wear the leg on Wednesday evening and didn’t wear it on Thursday to give the stump a rest, and the muscles are waking back up, but on the whole it is soooo much better!

News number two – I had a trip to the emergency room at the hospital on Wednesday night at about 10:30pm! I finished brushing my teeth, and within a few minutes, my mouth was swelling up, the right side of my face was going numb and my mouth has this crazy stinging feeling. The docs were mystified and the inflamation went down naturally. Got home at 3:30am. Ouch, tough night, but glad nothing worse happened and that it worked out. Props to Wifey for keeping me company, and to my mum for giving u a lift to the hospital 🙂

Will post more stuff next week – I’m outtie for the weekend!


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