Elevator punches

Today’s top tip – elevator punches.

Now, this isn’t some crazy new move I’ve stumbled across, but that’s how I’ve named it 🙂 Requirements are:

– An elevator at your workplace that is empty at the time of use
– Obsessed with training
– No shame (in case caught)

This one’s simple – at work (or your place of study – there were elevators when I was at Uni, but I wouldn’t do this in any of them as they all felt like they were going to break down whenever you used them) you may have the option of stairs or elevators. If you’re being healthy, you use the stairs; if you’re lazy, use the elevator. I generally go for the elevator – it’s a bit lazy, but it’s also better for my stump, so that’s the excuse I use.

Now, if you happen to have the elevator to yourself and your hands are free, try this – set yourself on a front stance of your choice (increase the intensity by getting into kiba-dachi if you like) and start throwing forward punches. To make it interesting, see how many you can do between floors. Oh, and unless you want to freak people out (not advised), only do this when you have the elevator to yourself.

Keep in mind that if you’re caught mid-punch or mid-stance upon the elevator doors opening, you will look like an idiot. Also be aware that if you flush in the face easily during short bursts of physical activity, you may also look like an idiot when the elevator doors open, and embarrassing rumours might start flying around the office about what activities you get up to inside the elevator. Both of these outcomes may see you ostracised from your workmates, or alternatively, it may greatly amuse them depending on their sense of humour and your ability at poking fun at yourself.

Oh, and if you have CCTV cameras in your elevator, unless you enjoy amusing security staff, you may want to avoid it.

… looking at all the caveats in the above, I’m not sure if it was actually worthwhile sharing this. Might have to create a new tag for this post along the lines of “Rubbish training tips” or something like that.

On a more serious note though, weight training last night went well, this time still following the principles I discussed in yesterday’s blog about emphasising maximum weight with minimal reps. I’m a bit sore again this morning, but so far I’m enthusiastic with how its going. I’m going to have to start doing kata practice between classes as well – I’ll be back at training next week and don’t want to look too clueless when working on it!!


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