Excellent 2 part interview with Hanshi Patrick McCarthy @ Ikigai Way

Just a heads-up – Sensei posted a note on the KU-SA Facebook page that linked to an interview with Koryu Uchinadi founder Hanshi Patrick McCarthy, and guess what? It was from Matt over at Ikigai Way! Given that our club is now training exclusively in Koryu Uchinadi and that I’m trying to train my mind in lieu of some injuries that are keeping me from training physically at the moment, I’m reading up and studying information on the style, as well as viewing footage of the techniques and drills so that I’m not too rubbish when I start back in class again, so this is great timing.

It was great getting a digest of Hanshi’s varied training and experiences, but it was the discussion on KU philosophies and the extra bonus of mentioning the hakutsuru style that has particularly piqued my interested, as I’ve talked about this with Matt in the past after he mentioned one-legged kata in the syllabus. It re-affirms my interest in grabbing a copy of Hanshi’s Bubishi: The Classic Manual of Combat, though I’m currently ploughing through some study at the moment, so recreational reading has been on-hold for a while and is likely to roll on into early 2011 at this stage.

But enough of that – head over to Ikigai Way and read Part 1 and Part 2 of the interview!


Ikigai interviews William Dometrich, Chito Ryu 9th Dan

I love a good story with plenty of training history, particularly those of gaijin training over in Japan. Matt over at Ikigai posted up an interview with William Dometrich, Chito Ryu 9th Dan, about 2 weeks back, and it’s definitely worth a read, covering (amongst other things) his start in Japan, kata and his experiences training in the US martial arts community over the years. Props to Matt for taking the time to interview Dometrich-sensei and sharing it with all and sundry. The interview can be found here.


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