Taking a (forced) break over x-mas

Sorry for the lack of updates of late 😛 Last week ran away before I knew it!

So, update on how I’m going – erm, leg’s not holding up too well 😛 The issues that cropped up a week or two back have come back again, so it’s out with the walking stick again to keep me company 🙂 I’m not sure why the stump’s not healing up as quickly as it normally does, I suspect it’s to do with the location of where the split skin currently is and the fact it’s in constant pressure, whether it be wearing the prosthesis or not.

So, I have to exercise something I’m not all that good at – patience 😉

So, I’ll be taking an extended break, longer than I first thought when I took a week or two off in November. I’ll have to make sure I don’t indulge too much over the break as well, since I won’t be able to exercise as much! 😉

This does raise a couple of questions though – how do I exercise whilst trying to minimise excess physical impact to my stump? I want to use the next month and a half until classes start again in January to get back into weight training, and I reckon this might be able to float the balance between being able to have a good workout, but do it without excess pressure on the rear of the stump since I can do a slew of different exercises on the bench, rather than standing.

The other thing I’m considering doing is working on adapting some of my core techniques to being able to do them standing on one leg. Taking a note out of Jesse’s (of the Martial Explorer) book and his interest in practical application of martial to real-world scenarios, I thought this is something I should be looking at. While I’m generally wearing my leg while I’m awake and out and about, there will be times where I’m going to be without my prosthesis, whether it be because I’ve mangled my stump or damaged my leg. So, I’m conscious that, in the spirit of trying to be a well-rounded martial artist, it’s important that I consider broadening my skillset to cope with performing at least a handful of upper-body techniques if ever I need them. So, I figure while I’m a bit mangled, it may not be such a bad idea to roll in an exploration of some of these techniques with my condition.

So, while there are definitely some negatives with where things are at, there are also some opportunities in there as well. I’ll update as I go 🙂 I’m actually a bit excited about exploring what techniques can be transferred to training on a single leg, hopefully the resultant posts won’t be too convoluted!


2 Responses to “Taking a (forced) break over x-mas”

  1. There is an aspect of classical karate known as hakutsuru, the white crane. White Crane techniques feature a lot of light stances, and even techniques that utilizes one leg. Perhaps this is something that might be of interest to you?

    Here is my teacher’s teacher (seikichi odo) performing a hakatsuru kata – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iD78dP428ec

    here is some written history about it – http://www.worldbudokan.com/Articles/ChinaOriginsWhiteCrane1.htm

    and another video example by Matayoshi Shinpo – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=encHYcCQgxc

    Perhaps you see how this can be applied in your situation?

  2. Wow Matt, that’s an amazing revelation there! Thanks for the links as well, those YouTube vids were great. I might get in touch with the research association you linked to and see if I can get some information on some of the techniques that utilise only one leg, I think it could make for some extremely enlightening research!!

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