My foot’s still mangled :P

Well, dropped into the leg people yesterday to get them to do some work. Y’know, like a car service, but for a leg. I reckon I should slap on one of those “Your next service is due by June 2009, or 5,000 kms” on my leg. That way I’d be a bit better in getting it serviced regularly 😀

Anywho, the new foot enclosure is still on its way, at this stage it looks like I should have it done before Wednesday next week, which is good as I’m driving Wifey up the wall at the moment from walking around the house doing karate. Due to the foot I haven’t done anything too stupid (like running up and down the hallway doing jumping side kicks :P), just punches, shuto and the occasional kick. It’s now been three weeks since my last class, and I’m starting to worry about the quality of my kata, so I’ve started going through it in my head every now and again and trying to visualise it and train the pattern in my brain that way. In the meantime with my foot, they’ve fused the toes back onto the rest of the enclosure which should abate any paranoia I have about them breaking off entirely if I keep to my currently level of activity. They also serviced the knee while I was there – I hadn’t snapped the spring this time, but it was given a thorough once-over and its working much nicer now.

Anywho, in general training news stuff, I manage to squeeze back up to 50kg on the bench on Wednesday night, which was good (I could only get to about 46kg the night before). I was going to do weights last night as well, but the week’s catching up already so I gave it a miss as I had a few other things to do after work anyhows. So this ends my first week of minimal reps/maximum weights that I wrote about earlier on after reading Jesse’s blog. Obviously it’s still early days, but I enjoyed the challenge this week, and we’ll see how it translates into my usual training regime for next week. In the long run, I’m hoping it will be a positive addition to my between-class training.

More importantly, hopefully I’ll be able to get to class next week!


3 Responses to “My foot’s still mangled :P”

  1. Best of luck in a quick return to training! I know it can be very tough sitting on the sidelines, trying to be patient.

  2. Are you familiar with carbon fiber prosthetic legs?

    Would those be at all useful for your situation?

  3. @ Matt: Thanks for the comments mate 🙂 BTW, sorry for not visiting your blog of late, been meaning to catch up on what you’ve been up to, will try and get around to reading up over the weekend!

    @ Jesse: The foot on my prosthesis is actually carbon fibre, but very different to those very awesome examples posted – I actually kept up with Oscar’s progress over the last couple of years, the guy’s amazing. And that was so amazing the story of that little girl with the prostheses, I wish her all the best of luck. The introduction of carbon fibre tech for amputees is really changing the landscape of what’s on the horizon, particularly for below-knee amputees.

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